We are all different and so we need different mattresses

We are all different and so we need different mattresses

Mattresses 101

You know exactly the kind of bed you want: one that is comfy and cozy and lets you get a good night’s rest. Most likely you like the bed in which you typically sleep. But, is that bed the best for you? Each of us has our unique habits and rituals. You might like a firm bed and your spouse a softer bed. What do you do? Our height and weight are factors as well. No one wants their feet hanging over the edge! Is there really one bed for everyone?

If you have been to a furniture store with your partner and tried a multitude of beds, you know how difficult it is to settle on one.

We have some mattress tips that will help you pick the right bed, find satisfaction with your purchase, and hopefully let you sleep like a baby.

The Battle between Memory Foam & Pocket Coil Mattresses

The key qualities of a memory foam mattress are 1) no motion transfer and 2) great pressure point relief. These types of mattresses provide support that conforms to your entire body. It has a solid feel, but also hugs your body. The construction of the memory foam uses a heat-sensitive material that adjusts to your body heat and weight. 

Next, let’s look at the pocket coil mattress. The design is as the name implies; each coil is wrapped in its own pocket. This design allows each spring to perform independently of the other springs. This system conforms to your body and will absorb any movements and reduce any motion transfer. This is good because when you roll over your partner should not feel much motion on the bed. To get the best quality sleep it is important to minimize any disturbances.

It is not uncommon to find hybrid mattresses that have some of everything. For example, you can find a pocket coil mattress that has a gel foam topper and a pillow top on top of that. Plus there are memory foam mattresses that use activated charcoal and plant-based oils, natural products that help to release heat, absorb pollution from the surrounding air and eliminate off-gassing and odors. The point here is to do your homework before starting out to buy a mattress. Chances are you will buy the mattress that feels the best on the 1-minute test you conduct in the store, but we urge you to give consideration to the research that has been over thousands of tests and beds. It will be worth your while.

Different Mattress Firmness: And the Mama Bear’s Bed Was Just Right

As you may be aware, mattresses come in different thicknesses. Each thickness has its own level of support and is dependent on the materials of which it is made. You will want to evaluate how you like to sleep to help you choose the mattress thickness. Even Goldilocks tested out the mattresses in the popular kids’ story.

What about you? Do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach?

Back sleepers, it is reported you like a firmer mattress. However, there is no overall firmness that will fit everyone. So, it is recommended a medium firmness is best. This firmness will also work best if you sleep with someone else because most likely they will like medium firmness as well.

The side sleeping position is the most popular. It is also the most healthy as it allows your back to maintain a normal posture and keeps your joints in a more neutral position. A softer mattress has proven to be a better choice for those who sleep on their sides. A memory foam mattress can give you the softer mattress without compromising on the necessary support. If you like a coil mattress, choose one with a pillow top.

For stomach sleepers the best type of mattress is in the medium-firm to medium-soft range. The trick with stomach sleepers is to have a mattress that is soft enough so there is no a lot of pressure on the stomach and ribs, but yet firm enough to keep your back in alignment.

Both types of mattresses (memory foam and pocket coil) come in 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, and 12-inch thicknesses. It is not necessarily the thickness that gives it the qualities for which you are looking. It is the materials they are made of and how they are constructed that will make the difference between soft and firm.

Different Mattress Sizes

The size of the mattress will also make a difference. If you are a couple with kids who like to jump in bed with you during a stormy night, a twin is obviously not the best choice. A king bed would definitely be more appropriate. When your kids are young, a twin or single bid should be the right size. A nice size for a guest room is a queen bed. This sized bed gives your guests plenty of room and yet fits with the size of the bedroom. Today, it is very common to have a king-sized bed in the master bedroom. It may make it more inviting, more of a sanctuary, and possibly more elegant.

The space in your home may dictate the size of your bed. If that is the case, make exact measurements and determine the largest size bed you can get comfortably into the space you have to work with. With a small master, you may need to use a queen. For small kid’s rooms you can choose twin or even triple bunk beds as a space saver. For a guest room, you may want to consider a Murphy bed that pulls out from the wall. During the day, the room is comfortable and roomy for sitting; at night you pull down the bed.

There are many options in mattresses and beds. Don’t be afraid to pick the size and style that fits your living situation.

CertiPUR-US Certified Foams for a Clean, Pure Sleep

Today’s society is all about “going green” and the CertiPUR-US Certified Foams is a sure sign that your bed is made from green materials that are earth and environmental friendly. There are no formaldehyde or ozone depleters. There are no heavy metals, mercury or lead. No PBDE flame retardants are utilized. And, low volatile organic compounds (VOC) are used to maintain indoor air quality.

Some of the foams and materials from days gone by have been known to cause cancer, genetic defects, damage and other terrible health issues. These types of materials are no longer used or allowed in certified foam.

There are many household products that are made with foam. Check the CertiPUR-US website for a listing of companies that use certified foam in their products.

Rest Therapy: Mattresses for Every Type of Sleeper

Whether you sleep on your side or stomach, need a twin bed or a king bed, like a thin mattress or a thick one, Rest Therapy carries mattresses for everyone.

We invite you to check out Rest Therapy for more information on buying the right mattress that will allow you to sleep perfectly.


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